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"It was an absolute pleasure working with Sherra! My husband’s brother got married a few years ago, had Sherra as their wedding planner, and would always rave about her meticulousness and professionalism. My husband and I had a clear vision on how we wanted our big wedding to be and thought we could plan it on our own. Once we started vetting and booking our biggest vendors , we knew we needed some structured guidance. From the moment we spoke with Sherra, we knew she was the right person for us! Her detailed and personalized monthly checklists kept us on track and made us aware of things we did not even think of! Our virtual meetings always reassured us we had made a great decision by choosing her. She helped us with contracts, vendor management,timelines, and was always willing to crowdsource with us. We wholeheartedly trusted Sherra will get it done! But there’s more… Prior to our big day our friends and family were all sharing advice on what to expect on that day as some things may not go as planned; to let go and just “go with it.” However, our day was beyond perfect and magical! I can truly say NOTHING went wrong, I was surprisingly calm and stress free, and that’s because Sherra was also our wedding day coordinator! Thank you Sherra for helping us accomplish the wedding of our dreams!"
- Lucy & Pahlevi
Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

Lucy & Pahlevi

Cappadocia, Turkey

Rev Roxy

"Working with Pop Celebration was efficient process. I was the officiant on the wedding and prior to wedding day we had the chance to speak on the phone about my process. This wedding was beautiful and there were a lot of moving parts, not to mention it took place on Thanksgiving eve. I was very impressed with how the logistics were handled during this holiday and how selfless the team was in getting it done right! The entire Pop Celebration team seemed excited to be a part of yet another family affair for this family and the guests enjoyed themselves from start to finish. Sherra and her team were professional approachable and welcoming the entire process. Looking forward to working with them again."

- REV ROXY, Celebrity Wedding Official

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"When I was planning my wedding I thought that if I stayed very organized I could do it all on my own. My wedding was a large size and we had a lot going on, but I thought I had everything handled. I quickly realized I definitely did not have everything handled! There were all these details, big and small that I had no idea how they would get done. Sherra quickly became my life saver. She made me feel so calm and had complete control of everything. Anything I needed handled she was on top of. She called and emailed my vendors, made sure we had everything we needed for the wedding (many things I didn’t even think of), and placed all of my “items” perfectly that I had gotten for the ceremony and reception.
I truly don’t think everything would have gone as smooth if it wasn’t for Sherra!
Thank you so much Sherra, we love you!"

"Sherra Jones has been a pleasure to work with. Her numerous years of event planning and coordinating makes her the perfect wedding coordinator for your special day.

Working with Sherra has been a huge help in the planning process of our wedding. She's extremely helpful, patient and very professional. I look forward in continuing to work with her and would recommend her services to couples looking for help in planning their wedding or events".

Kirsy and Ariel Garcia - Kirsy & Ariel
Park Chateau

"I admire anyone who starts their own business, specially in travel, it is tough, competitive and takes a special person.Sherra is passionate about Africa, completed the challenging South African Fundi course and her clients are going to reap the benefits with every booking."

Celeste Wilson - Celeste Wilson,
Author, Proofreader, Freelance Writer

"Sherra Jones is reliable, calm, and meticulous-- all highly desirable traits in a university registrar's office. She managed thousands of details gracefully while dealing with faculty, students, and administrators during the highest stress times of the academic year. Rooms and students were scheduled ably, and when crises arose, as they inevitably do in large organizations and complex structures, Sherra always found a way to solve the problems in a way that helped everyone concerned."

Deborah Levi - Dr. Deborah Sinnreich-Levi,
Assoc. Professor,
Literature and Communications,
Stevens Institute of Technology

"I had the opportunity to work with Sherra on a luxury wedding this past weekend, and I would highly recommend her services. Sherra is very organized and has a wonderful attention to detail. She is incredibly sweet and kind, yet knows how to direct an event so that it is seamless. I loved working with Sherra and can't wait for the next time!"

Denise Smith - Denise Smith,
Owner/My Daughter's Cakes

"I had the pleasure of working with Sherra Jones on a wedding reception at Sequoia. The bride was very busy, and Sherra was able to step in to assist the client and coordinate all details of the wedding reception, including menu selections, event timeline, floor plans, and more. Most of the details were handled by phone and email; however, the tasting and a few other meetings were arranged in person. Throughout the entire year of planning, Sherra was extremely professional. She was responsive and very detail oriented and took a genuine interest in the client's vision of the reception but also took into account the limitations of the venue and the needs of the chef and event staff. I HIGHLY recommend working with Sherra if you need assistance with planning a wedding or another special event."
- Scott Moon, Director of Catering - The Fairfax at Embassy Row

Scott Moon

"I have enjoyed the fast, courteous, and professional services provided by Travel Details by Sherra Jones. In making travel arrangements for my family she was quick to respond to my requests, changes I needed, and always ready to assist in any way possible. I would use her services again in the future and recommend her services to others."
- Dr. Carnell Hall, HIM Coding/Operations and Business Consultant

Dr. Carnell Hall

"Sherra was the go-to person when there were problems with class logistics. She stayed on top of a large, complex system."
- Dr. David Vaccari, Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

David Vaccari

"We hired Sherra to handle our honeymoon. She planned and booked the flights, rental car, hotel, and entertainment. It was an awesome trip with fabulous accommodations! We loved every bit of it. Sherra also set up our honeymoon gift registry web page, which was user-friendly, and gave our guests a number of fun options. Thanks, Sherra!"
- Cynthia Brooks Bullock, Esq., Commercial Real Estate Attorney


“I don’t know where to start. Sherra, you have been amazing. You are professional, energetic, and we had a blast working with you. From the very beginning of planning to the very end, you were always there with great advice. You understood our busy schedule and made the wedding planning process easy. I don't know how anyone plans a wedding without a coordinator. As maid of honor we have major responsibility but with Sherra I was not stressed at all because I knew you had everything under control and every detail covered. Thank you for making my sister wedding a weekend I will never forget. I also appreciate all the gifts you gave the bridesmaids and myself. That was so sweet of you! I highly recommend Sherra, Thank you for everything.”
- Yelitza Vasquez, Maid of Honor 2018 Wedding

Yelitza Vasquez

“I highly recommend Sherra Jones of Pop Celebrations by SJ LLC. I have been working with her on various events over the past two years and she is always professional, on time, does an elegant display and courteous to her clients. She does a wonderful job!”
- Brenda Ferrarini, Owner of Elegant Bridal Productions

Brenda Ferrarini

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